Compatible Software Systems

For 20 years, Compatible Software System Inc. studied the recurring problems of service station, gas station, and c-stores while perfecting a cutting edge turnkey system to eliminate them.
Whether you run a manual or a fully automated POS facility, especially with a convenience store, you can't afford to be without this system. Choosing Compatible Software System Inc. is the best way to reduce accounting costs, improve inventory control and maximize benefits.

Orefice & Caliri, Bookkeeping Service

Bookkeepers, East Providence, RI, Southern New England, Certified in Quickbooks ProAdvisor

Let our highly trained staff of CPAs and bookkeepers help you to get organized and see how smoothly and efficiently your business can run. Call and make an appointment with one of our certified bookkeepers from Orefice and Caliri to provide you with solutions to your personal and professional finance questions. Our bookkeepers can organize all your income tax data and financial information to simplify the time you spend looking for financial documents that will now be at your fingertips.

Our CPAs and bookkeepers use the most current technology to keep your records up to date. Our bookkeepers utilize software such as Quicken and Quickbooks Pro - on Mac or PC platforms. Our Quickbooks ProAdvisors can train you and your staff on how to use this bookkeeping software and how to get the most from it.


Dama manufacturing produces high-quality jewelry components for jewelry manufacturers around the world.
DaMa's core products consist of bullet and butterfly clutches, comfort discs for earrings, earring posts and earwire. We also produce a variety of complimentary lines such as tac posts, fishhook stoppers and plating sleeves. In addition, we are able to offer other corresponding jewellery components such as our Safety Barbsª and Coconut Wiresª in order to fulfill the demands of our customers. Our diverse product line allows us to be a "One-Stop-Shop" for manufacturers seeking jewelry findings and most of our products are also available in nickel free.

TriMark United East Restaurant supply

TriMark USA, Restaurant Supply is one of the country's largest providers of design services, equipment and supplies to the foodservice industry. Trimark offers foodservice operators a new level of service by combining the hands-on support and local market relationships of a strong regional supplier with the purchasing strength, industry expertise and delivery capabilities of a national company. Through its foodservice facility design division, TriMark United East takes the lead with its state-of-the-art custom kitchen design and interior design. TriMark United East stocks well over 7,500 items, from china to glassware, flatware and bar supplies. TriMark United East's equipment and supply purchasing department are especially aware of the vital role they play in the success of the customer's business.

Trimark USA

What if five restaurant supplies industry leaders united to form one company offering the finest products and services in the business?
You'd have Trimark USA, the new name in end-to-end foodservice solutions, offering industry-based capabilties across the United States ranging from restaurant design and engineering to custom fabrication, and project management. TriMark USA, is also one of the country's largest providers of equipment and restaurant supplies to the foodservice industry. A company committed to innovative solutions, bringing 150 years of combined experience to help make your foodservice operation, from restaurant to cafeteria, the best it can be.


Subsalve is specialized in underwater lift bags, salvage, diving supplies and recreational dive equipment.
We also offer military products such as Underwater Explosive Ordnance Disposal System (EOD, UEOD)


Phoenix Management Group is an investment banking, business development, and strategy appraisal advisor focused on small to medium size corporations.
Phoenix is staffed by seasoned operating company executives who have extensive backgrounds in financing growth, franchise, nursing homes, developing strategic relationships, and operations improvement for domestic, multinational, industrial, and service companies.
Phoenix's Principals have developed strong relationships with many domestic and foreign financing sources. We can provide introductions to financial and commercial professionals who work with rapidly growing companies in such areas as: asset based, cash flow and senior debt lending, mezzanine financing, public offerings, and equity investments. Phoenix's industry contacts can assist in reaching the correct merger, loan, acquisition, or distribution partner.

Mackie X-Ray Film and Dental Supplies

Our company is specialized in x-ray dental supply. We offer x-ray film, latex gloves and other products to dentists chiropractors and veterinarians.

Sakura restaurant for sushi and japanese cuisine

Visit Sakura restaurant for traditional Japanese cuisine, sushi and sashimi. It's impossible not to relax with your shoes off, and at this small, unpretentious Japanese restaurant on bustling Wickenden Street, you'll feel right at home. The food ranges from spicy tekka (tuna) maki, the spicy lobster maki to maki (sushi rolls), nigiri (raw fish on rice), and sashimi (raw fish without rice). Try the Kobe Sanshoyaki, tender cubes of beef sautŽed with Japanese black pepper.


Restaurants lodging and tourism in Providence RI and Newport Rhode Island


Tanury Industries' corporate offices include 70,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing facilities in Lincoln, Rhode Island. The production facilities include five production lines for automated electroplating, hand plating, gold plating and Physical Vapor Deposition (pvd) systems, and also includes administration, sales, customer service, technical assistance, production, quality assurance, R&D laboratory, certified environmental testing laboratory, warehouse, and shipping/receiving.

United East Restaurant supply

United East, Restaurant Supply is one of the New England's largest providers of design services, equipment and supplies to the foodservice industry. United East offers restaurant owners hands-on support and local market relationships. Through its restaurant design services, United East offers custom kitchen design and interior design. United East stocks well over 7,500 items, from China to Glassware, Flatware and Bar Supplies. United East's equipment and supply purchasing department play a vital role in the success of the restaurant owner's business.

Charleston Truck Stop

The Charleston Travel Plaza truck stop in Charleston SC provides truckers and professional drivers with access to South Carolina ports, load pickups, trucking supplies, a gas station with diesel fuel, lodging, accommodating, vehicle services, brokers, load screens, and cat scales. Visit our state-of-the-art, 20-acre amenity plaza. Conveniently located near Charleston, South Carolina, and only 1/4 mile from the airport, we take care of all your driving needs. The Charleston Travel Plaza, in Charleston, SC at the Charleston International Airport offers hotel and motel lodgings and accommodations for travelers, including gas, diesel fuel, restaurant dining, entertainment. Less than 15 minutes from area tourist attractions including civil war sites and Fort Sumter, botanical gardens, nature walks, wildlife preserves and parks, antique homes, plantations and museums, golf courses and country clubs.


Since 1995, BioMatrix Technologies has been researching and designing wastewater treatment systems and sewage treatment plants for municipal and industrial applications. BioMatrix's commitment to ongoing product research, has resulted in the development of extremely efficient, cost effective, and practical technologies. BioMatrix systems are effective against most organic wastestream components, including Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD5), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Ammonia (NH3-, and Total Suspended Solids (TSS).
BioMatrix Technologies sells a complete line of looped cord media (and support framing) designed to act as a biofilm-immobilizing substrate. Bacteria and other microorganisms inherent to the wastewater being treated are locked in place by the media's high surface area. The result is a diverse, resilient population of waste-digesting microorganisms. BioMatrix Technologies' looped cord products are patented constructions available only from BioMatrix.


Need help with your asset control, debt management, cash flow, operations improvements, distribution, public offerings, or commercial investments? Are you a developing company with potential for financial growth? The Phoenix Management Group in Hartford, CT, can assist you in your finance, whether you're a small, domestic corporation, a nursing home, a multinational franchise, or an international industrial enterprise. In Connecticut we guide you in your investment banking, mezzanine financing, business lending, corporate loans, mergers, acquisitions, equity investing, and finance.

Charleston Travel Plaza

The Charleston Travel Plaza, in charleston, sc at the Charleston International Airport offers hotel and motel lodgings and accommodations for travelers, including gas, diesel fuel, restaurant dining, entertainment. Less than 15 minutes from area tourist attractions including civil war sites and Fort Sumter, botanical gardens, nature walks, wildlife preserves and parks, antique homes, plantations and museums, golf courses and country clubs.

Providence Mandolin Orchestra

The Providence Mandolin Orchestra was founded by the late Hibbard Perry in 1973. Over the past twenty-odd years, the Providence Mandolin Orchestra has become one of the leading American mandolin ensembles, with appearances throughout the Eastern United States and Canada. In 1989, the PMO became the first American mandolin orchestra to perform at the Festival International de Musica Plectro in Logrono, Spain.
The Providence Mandolin Orchestra offers community and school workshops on mandolin music and history. The orchestra provides hands-on workshops and mandolin seminars for small classes, concert demonstrations for assemblies and lessons.
You can visit our web site and download MP3 samples and see a list of our upcoming mandolin performances.


Verbatim Typesetting & Design is a 22-old design firm in Providence, Rhode Island founded by Joshua and Lynne Freed Bell. Since its inception, Verbatim has been a technology-driven company, exploring new developments in document production hardware and software. The company has developed a reputation for thorough, innovative work in graphic design and takes pride in the quality of the relationships it has forged with its clients.
With calibrated monitors, image control software, state-of-the-art imagesetters, and 22 years of desktop experience in scanning and separation, Verbatim deliver eyecatching print images at affordable prices. From sharpening, to silhouettes and touchups, we clean and correct where the camera left off.

Verbatim has been producing high-quality film negatives and RC, using an ECRM imagesetter that outputs tightly registered film at up to 2540 dpi and carefully calibrated screens up to 200 lpi. Our optical densities (4.25 and over) are well over industry standard and produce crisp accurate plates used by the top printing houses in the State. With over 3,000 fonts in our our library, we offer a wide range of type flavors for all applications and in-house matches for uncommon and exotic typefaces. Our multi-lingual staff sets type in a wide variety of Romance, Semitic and oriental languages. Ask our customers about our quick turnaround and aggressive pricing.

We also offer web design and search engine placement. Verbatim doesn't stop with merely creating your presence in cyberspace; we help generate traffic to your site by doing our best to place you in the top rankings of the major search engines. Visit our web site to see the ranking information of a number of our clients as a result of our search engine placements.

John Duke Design

The Earthdialª is a world clock sculpture available in decorative desktop and wall clocks. By following the path of the sun around the world, it serves as an international world time clock and timezone clock.